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I don’t think there are enough playwrights really pushing the limits of the thriller. I've spent a long time looking for just the right story to test the waters of terror on stage. I finally found it (by accident) while in the middle of researching my Mangrove Florida folklore project "Coral Fables." As I read the true tale of one of Florida’s earliest serial murders, my stomach jumped and my heart raced. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that I had lived in Florida for twenty years without hearing this legend. I feverishly flipped the pages back and read it again. It was INCREDIBLE! This story had everything - horror, realism, suspense, courage, danger and IT WAS ALL TRUE!

I imediately put every thing else aside and began investigating. Over the next few months the story rolled out for me like a smooth, plush carpet. I had a blast researching characters, verifying events, embellishing details and outlining scenes. It was honestly one of the most enjoyable writing adventures I have ever had!

The final result quickly took shape and became “The Prey.” It’s a dark and intense play that thrusts you back into two days of terror that coincide with the hurricane of October 1910. The frightening tale of a Florida pioneer community and a series of brutal murders committed by one (or some) of its members. You join real characters who find themselves isolated in the heart of the everglades while someone (or something) stalks them like a predator. Hunting and killing with the cunning of a man and the savagery of a wild animal.

But there's more to this play than just murder, it’s a tribute to the courage of those who found the strength to survive unimaginable hardships. It’s a testament the heart and faith of kind neighbors who felt so much loyalty to their community that they were willing to die defending it. We modern Floridians owe a lot to those whose sacrifices and bravery settled South Florida - the wildest of frontiers.

Have I piqued your interest? Are you ready to experience the whole story? Then join us Monday, July 27th at 7:00pm at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex for the first reading of my original play “The Prey.” (Free admission. No reservation necessary.) It’s sure to be an exciting night of theater with an amazing cast and MCC's talented director, Margaret M. Ledford, to you guide you through the first ever public presentation of this horrifying true tale!

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