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What is the Mangrove Process?

The big dream of the Mangrove Creative Collective is to be in the business of developing new work. We believe in the power of the creative work force of southern Florida. The Collective is determined, with focus and commitment, to developing new work and ensuring that the artists we work with become known players for creating powerful new works. We are excited to work with new artists as well as established ones.

As a team the Creators choose ideas to work with that are in line with our mission. These ideas must highlight South Florida’s rich culture and history. One an idea enters the Mangrove process as a script the end goal is for the piece to develop into a homegrown, culturally diverse theatrical performance or film.

Listed out below are steps of the mangrove process:

  • Creator’s feedback on the piece

  • Private reading and discussion with the Creators and author

  • Public play readings (1-3) where audience discussion and written feedback will be collected

  • Workshop production with a limited run for a small house est. 50-99 seats

    • From the La Jolla Playhouse: “Workshop productions go a step beyond readings, allowing the actors to get up on their feet to perform the work, occasionally with scripts in hand, with minimal set, costumes, props, choreography and other production values. A workshop often represents the first performance of a new work, giving the creative team a feel for the flow of the piece, audience reactions, etc.”

  • Re-writes and additional play readings as needed

  • Full production and performance run

Future steps to be established as we grow:

There is not a set season built each year. Rather the Collective seeks out ideas to develop into a production. At any given time the Collective could be developing from 1 – 5 pieces that will go into production within 2-3 years from the start of the process.

The Collective productions will be performed in partnership with local and regional playhouses. If needed the production budget may include renting a special event space to produce the works. The Collective’s pieces are backed by its commitment to fundraising and professional production qualities that include fare pay and process for the entire creative team including the author, all designers, and actors.

If you have been a part of any creative process then you know well this:

While funny - it's very exhausting. With the Mangrove process we hope to change that for South Florida artists. We are not reinventing the wheel - just borrowing and learning from those that have come before us to inform our process.

We feel like this now:

Those are mangrove seed pods for those of you that didn't know! :-) But we soon hope to be like this:

And we certainly look forward to seeing you along the way. It's going to be an incredible adventure!

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