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Does the world need another blog?

Really, why another blog? What will be in a Mangrove Creative Collective blog? That's a great question that we are going to explore together.

Part of what the Collective hopes to do is open the doors before opening night and invite those that want to know inside. The creative process is beautiful and sacred to each individual that is a part of it. Often the rehearsal process of a production needs to be a safe place where actors explore ideas, themes, and emotions. It can be a raw and honest experience best kept closed to the public. To counter that closed culture we will use this platform to invite the audience in even when we can't really let you in!

We'll do this by taking video when possible, interviewing the cast and creative team, and asking those involved in projects to write pieces themselves. This blog will also feature write ups of shows that inspire and fascinate from around the country, opinion pieces to ignite discussion in our community about our community, and other rants and raves. Beyond that the blank screens here are ours to explore together.

If there are any topics or ideas that you would like to explore with the Collective - post in the comments and let us know!

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