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Our newest project, SOJOURN, illuminates historical figures and locations of South Florida through immersive theatrical experiences. SOJOURN’s event-based programming includes outdoor journeys, treasure hunts, dining experiences, and more - utilizing music, theater, dance, film, and technology to fully immerse audiences into experiences inspired by our diverse history.




The first installment, dedicated to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, will provide audience members an opportunity to meet the lesser-known Marjory of the 1920s - prior to her days as a world-renowned conservationist. This premiere event will highlight the achievements of Ms. Stoneman Douglas’ remarkable 108 years of life - a pillar of the South Florida landscape. A continuing and evolving series, SOJOURN will cultivate a collaborative performance vehicle for local artists and create experiences which are uniquely South Florida.



Sojourn started at Thanksgiving in 2018 as a conversation. There was this idea to create a dinner with someone that had made a huge impact on their community. It was an opportunity to explore immersive theatre in a small setting. And to dive all the way into the art form giving an audience free will. Something small we could produce and develop to illuminate South Florida's diverse history.


In February of 2019 Joseph Cloud was working a program with Hannah Richter. The conversation resurfaced and an immediate draw to the legacy of Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) was revealed. An icon of conservation in South Florida who was so much more than a conversationalist. Joseph, in Miami, and Hannah, in NYC, continued to investigate MSD long distance and in person as travels allowed.

Once Mangrove dedicated resources to a studio workshop the idea quickly grew wings. In July 2019 a clutch of artists assembled to investigate immersive experiences and to learn about MSD. Reconvened in August 2019 we focused on a world dedicated to Marjory Stoneman Douglas giving birth to Sojourn: MSD. 

Still in workshop development we are excited to share images of the journey here and look forward to producing the experience late in 2020.

Sojourn: MSD Creative Team:

Joseph Cloud, Paul Curtis, Brian Edgecomb, Niki Fridh, Elena Maria Garcia, Margaret M. Ledford, Angelina Lopez, Gretchen Porro, Ricky J. Martinez, Gina Montet, Hannah Richter, Kunya Rowley, Caleb Scott, Matt Stabile


Sojourn: MSD Workshop July 2019

Sojourn: MSD Workshop July 2019

Late night planning!

Late night planning!

Sojourn Logo

Sojourn Logo

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