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Photo by Will Wilson as part of his Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange (CIPX). This is a digital photo taken by the artist of the original Tintype. 

Joseph Cloud

Joseph Cloud is excited to be a founding member of the Mangrove Creative Collective and has called South Florida home since 2001. Born Oklahoma, he grew up in northeastern part of "Indian Territory" and is a member of the Cherokee Nation. As both an urban native (Aniyunwiya  - the real name of the Cherokee people) and descendant of colonial Europeans - he strives to embrace that duality with empathy and authenticity. Joseph investigates the true history of his native roots and shares these truths so that they are not forgotten. 

As a teenager in Memphis, Tennessee he was shaped by the music, the people, and the challenged culture of the South. The initial draw to relocate to South Florida was the rich heritage of the area that, for him, had a little Oklahoma and a little Memphis all wrapped into one place with so much more in the mix.

With a passion for the theatre he began his career in stage management at New Theatre, Coconut Grove Playhouse and The Promethean Theatre. He continues to explore live theatre by investigating non-traditional storytelling- works that are immersive, site-specific, devised. Joseph plans to develop storytelling that is epic and non-traditional by engaging with artists, change-makers, creative beings, and those that won't be stopped.

He is currently the Artistic Programs Manager at the National YoungArts Foundation which awards and recognizes the most talented high school aged artists in the United States in the design, literary, visual and performing arts. With YoungArts he works on programming in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

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