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Mangrove  Mission

Mangrove Creative Collective seeks to NOURISH + SUPPORT + ELEVATE + SUSTAIN the South Florida arts community by growing artists into organizations and stories into productions.


We assist South Florida artists by empowering them to explore their creative vision with the benefit of curated mentorships.


Mangrove  Vision

We envision an arts community that represents the totality of South Florida - one that offers incredible artistic adventures that are affordable and accessible to ALL. A robust community, rich with sustainable organizations, artists earning living wages, reinforced by passionate and informed supporters all working together to impact this and future generations.


We foresee a community that EXPANDS the cultural frame of “artist” to include anyone actively involved in and engaged with acts of art, thereby increasing the shareholders invested in the future growth of the creatives and community.


What kind of artist are you?


Mangrove  Values

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:


  • Homegrown - South Florida is a vibrant source for stories & artists

  • Accessibility - includes affordability and accommodations

  • Inclusiveness - New work and diverse voices paired with conversation to create understanding and empathy vital to the continued growth of the arts

  • Dignity - We are fundamentally opposed to the phrase “starving artist"

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